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Smiling Star Speech & Language provides comprehensive evaluation and therapy services for various communication and feeding disorders in children.

Our Mission

Smiling Star Speech & Language provides comprehensive evaluation and therapy services for various communication and feeding disorders in children. Therapist(s) are trained in treating speech and language disorders such as (but not limited to) apraxia of speech, language delays, feeding disorders, tongue thrust, auditory and language processing disorders, fluency (stuttering), and pragmatic language disorders related to pervasive developmental disorders.

Therapists at Smiling Star Speech & Language offer a structured but playful therapeutic environment while allowing flexibility to adjust to a child’s individual learning style. Various treatment programs are also utilized to maximize the learning and progress of each child when warranted.

Our Team


Micaela Kim Fisher, M.S., CCC-SLP is a former television news anchor/medical reporter. She reported on a story about a pediatric speech-language pathologist, and found a career that combined two of her passions - communication and children. The seed was planted, and she made the switch. Quite different career choices? Not really! As a reporter, Micaela learned to establish trust and rapport with her interviewees in order to obtain the information or soundbites necessary to air on television. As an SLP, she uses those same skills to establish trust and rapport with her clients to entice the little ones to want to communicate with her, and her older clients to build upon their communication skills.

Micaela has been in private practice in Hinsdale since 2004, and has provided services in a variety of settings, including schools, clinics, and hospitals. She is accredited by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, licensed by the State of Illinois, and was credentialed as a provider and evaluator for the Illinois Early Intervention system for many years. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Boston College and Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from St. Xavier University.

Jill Robinson

Jill Robinson, M.A., CCC-SLP began her career in speech and language as the older sibling to a brother with autism. While observing and being involved as a child in her brother’s therapy session, she fell in love with the profession. Jill saw firsthand how speech and language therapist could help children and their families grow and learn together.

Jill completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Northern Illinois University, graduating with her M.A. in 2001. While enrolled, she received special training in Family Based Treatment and social skills groups with children on the autism spectrum. Other special areas of expertise include sensory based feeding concerns, apraxia of speech, phonological skills development for pre-reading skills, articulation remediation, stuttering management, and general language development. Jill enjoys creating engaging activities, tailored to each child’s skills and needs, and celebrates each new milestone reached by her clients.

Julie Wach

Julie Wach, M.S., CCC-SLP earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Augustana College in 2012 and earned a Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology from St. Ambrose University in 2015. Julie holds a Certificate of Clinical Competency from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and is licensed to practice in the state of Illinois. Julie is experienced in the areas of: Speech & Language intervention, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Articulation and Phonology, and Fluency Disorders.

Julie has experience working with children in the clinic and school setting, and works full-time in a school. She takes time to build a great rapport with the children she works with and believes therapy should be functional and fun. Julie feels passionate about working with children and watching them succeed.

What people say about us

We cannot say enough good things about Smiling Star Speech and Language. Micaela is wonderful with my son and we have seen great progress in his speech since he began with her. The office is a warm and friendly environment and the therapists are very knowledgeable and creative in implementing the speech therapy. I get a verbal progress report at the end of each session and Micaela works with me to find ways I can reinforce the speech work at home



Smiling Star was the perfect choice for our son. Micaela is caring and patient in helping him (and me) to improve the quality and quantity of his speech. My son is usually shy around people, which only makes speech therapy more challenging. Micaela has utilized different approaches, games, and exercises with him to really bring him out of his shell. He actually enjoys his therapy sessions and has improved greatly. Even his teachers have remarked on his improvement and confidence.



Micaela is amazing!!!!!! My son was 3 years old and not speaking! I started to notice there was a problem when he was 18 months old and that's when I started my search to get help. I took him to many many places and did not see any improvement. It was very frustrating. Finally I found Smiling Stars!!! Micaela did her magic and within the first week I noticed him saying a few words!!! I could not believe it!!! Micaela has a special way of connecting with children and I am so happy we found her!!!! Now the only problem is.....I can't get him to stop talking!!! My son is now 6 and his speech is fantastic. His preschool teachers said they have never seen someone make that much improvement in such a short time!!!



Smiling Star Speech & Language is the place to go. Mrs. Fisher was so professional and patient with my two children. I was so glad that I found her. The children enjoyed seeing her. The sessions were full of fun filled educational activity, not sterile like other places we had been to. After the first meeting I knew I had made the right choose. She listened to me, asked questions and got to know the kids. Her energy, enthusiasm, and caring nature really shows.


Parent & Teacher

My son was diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder and completed the Interactive Metronome program with Micaela. She was truly fabulous and changed my son’s life! The frustration and tantrums that we were seeing so often are now gone. He is also able to identify when he is having a “sensory moment” and employ the techniques that Micaela recommended for self regulation. Thank you thank you!



Our whole experience with Micaela and our therapist Julie has been nothing but positive. My daughter looks forward to her therapy and I'm very excited to see the program working for her. Highly recommend!



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