Learn what our parents and students have to say.

From an Occupational Therapist:

I've had the pleasure of knowing Micaela both personally and professionally for 15 years. As an occupational therapist, she has been an invaluable resource to me in the development of speech, feeding and treatment ideas. Micaela is innovative in her treatment and invested in helping her patients reach their potential. ~ Melissa Klein, OTR/L

From an SLP:

Micaela is a fantastic therapist. She enjoys what she does, and puts so much time, effort, and heart into each patient and their needs. She is a professional, diligent, knowledgeable, effective, and caring clinician. Kids love to work with Micaela, and parents feel comfortable and welcome with her as their therapist! Robyn Swerlyk, MS CCC-SLP


I want to thank you so much for everything. 

I never thought that he would make so much progress so quickly.  He is talking so much more now!  I really feel that he is much more engaged with everything now because people understand him and can interact with him in a more meaningful way.  Not that I ever doubted the benefits of speech therapy, but I'm such a huge proponent now!   I'm going around telling everyone I know how valuable it is.  Thanks again! ~S.M.~

I have a 31 month old boy who was receiving speech services for a delay in expressive language. 

Micaela directed my son's speech therapy…and successfully guided him through his goals, and he currently tests within normal limits…

I, as a Special Education teacher, found Micaela to be knowledgeable in her wide range of activities and lessons, as well up to date with current trends and techniques. Micaela quickly and easily established a comfortable rapport with my son. Her flexibility and professionalism allowed her to adjust her lessons to fit my toddler's mood while guiding him back to the task at hand. She efficiently assessed skills, created goals and objectives, and followed through with weekly activities that would encourage my son to expand on his language.

The overall experience my son and I had with Micaela and speech therapy was positive. Having a child that may require special needs may be difficult at times, so establishing a good relationship with a therapist is important. I will in the future, and have in the past, recommend Micaela Kim to any parent who may need speech or language services for their children.  ~K.S.~

Micaela has been such a pleasure to work with. 

She has done such wonderful things for our son, Alex, who was 3 years old when he began therapy. At that time, he was barely speaking and had a bad attitude.

Well, all that is changing, and I feel so much of Alex's progress is due to Micaela, who made him feel so good about himself. She is always so kind and patient, and no matter what mood Alex comes in with, she's always able to make him smile and have fun in therapy.

I can't thank her enough for all she's done. It's so nice to work with someone who really cares. We consider Micaela a family friend.  ~S.P.~

Jennifer has a very friendly and engaging personality.

She provided me with helpful information that we could implement at home. She took time before and after each session to check in with me. She returned emails promptly. I felt very comfortable with her as my child's therapist and trusted her opinion. I would recommend Jennifer as a therapist to others. ~V.L~


My son, Matthew...

…was 4 years old and extremely shy when we first started. Micaela Kim, through her patience and understanding of his problems was able to communicate with him. Before long, he was doing his work, enjoying it and also clowning around with Micaela. It takes quite a while for Matthew to warm up to anyone and then feel comfortable enough with them to goof around…

…As Matthew's speech therapist, she has done a wonderful job. It is obvious in her manner that she enjoys her work and is very enthusiastic. She communicates well with the parents, which is beneficial. I always knew what they were working on and how Matthew was doing. If I had any concerns, Micaela willingly listened. Micaela would explain her methods of instruction so I was able to duplicate it at home.

Micaela has been an invaluable asset in my son's care and I would highly recommend her services.  ~A.K.~

When Micaela first began to see my son, David,...

...he was saying maybe 10 words and was very hard to understand…When David was stubborn, she never backed down. She would come up with new and creative ways to get his attention and … attended conferences on Apraxia to stay on top of her game and used the latest in treatment with him.

Now, David has a vocabulary of about 100 words, and his clarity has greatly improved, and he is starting to say 2-and-3 word sentences…He responds to Micaela like no other therapist…She has worked very hard to earn his trust, which comes at a high price, since he is autistic.

Not only has Micaela poured her heart into David, she also gave to our whole family …When David was in the hospital, Micaela came to visit him. We have come to view Micaela as a member of our family.

…the best reference that I can give for Micaela is that she is over an hour away from us, and we make the drive once a week for an hour of therapy.  ~T.Z.~


Is able to engage and maintain my child's interest.  She is loving, enthusiastic, and exercises the appropriate level of structure and assertiveness when necessary.  Jen is super upbeat & positive, and has always been professional.  In short, Jen is knowledgable, enthusiastic, kind, fun, engaging, and has a great rapport with children!

Allison’s Farewell letter to Micaela:

There once was a three-year old named Allison, who couldn’t speak well or follow directions.
Her memory was not good and she slurred her sounds.
No one could understand her when she was around.
She looked confused most of the time and wanted to play.
Other kids didn’t know this because she didn’t know what to say.

She started therapy at school, and on Tuesday’s she worked with Micaela.
Her sessions included Therapeutic Listening, Fast ForWord, Earobics I and II…
…Worksheets, flashcards and co-sessions with Leah to name a few.
Sounds bothered her so we went to Starbucks for snacks and lessons
As you can guess, these were some of her favorite sessions!

It’s been five years of hard work, fun and lots of games.
Discharged from speech and language therapy?
Tuesdays just won’t be the same.
So thank you for caring from the beginning to this end
You’ve been more than a teacher, you’re really a friend.